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We note with interest (Sept 2007) from the web pages of the Charity Commission, that the number of Trustees of the APOA has now dropped to three. This now includes the ex Contracts Manager of the Alexandra Palace. However, the names listed on the Charity Commission web site, bear little relationship with those listed on the APOA website.

We have received an important communication from an ex treasurer of the Appeal. This letter puts very important questions to the present appeals committee. We will of course publish any response that the appeal committee makes. The letter can be found by clicking here.

We note with disbelief that the newsletter of the APOA (dated February 2007) states that the Choir Organ will be complete when the Cor Anglais is inserted. We would like to point out that the Choir Organ was completed in 1995.

Then, the contractor removed two ranks of pipes from the Choir organ, stating that the pipes were only on loan. He has made the same claim for the ownership of the console. We note (28th February 2007) that the contractor has stated, on the Mander web site discussion section, that he has now handed over the ownership of the console to the APOA. We are surprised that the ownership wasn’t passed to the Alexandra Palace authorities directly, especially as the agreement between the APOA and the Palace authority’s states that once any part of the organ is restored and placed within the Palace, it becomes the property of the Palace authorities.


The contractor himself, when Secretary to the appeal, had written to the Foundation for Sports and the Arts stating that the Choir Organ would be completed with the money given by the Foundation.

By clicking on this link you will be taken to yet another statement made by the contractor, this time on a CD insert, stating that the choir organ had now been completed.

The treasurer at the time wrote to the Charity Commission confirming the completion of the Choir Organ.

Firoka (Heythrop Park) Ltd, had been selected as the Palace’s preferred bidder. Their publications and press releases only stated that the organ is to be retained. No mention of a rebuild or completion. However, they have now withdrawn from the draft agreement to take a long lease on the Palace. Click here for an article from the Evening Standard that gives some flesh to the bones of their withdrawal.

We also notice, with great interest, that the amount quoted, on the official web site, to complete the organ, has now shot up from £200,000 to just under 1 million. We believe that even the latest figure of 1 million is a gross underestimate of what the actual cost would be.

Reports have reached us over concerns that the structure of the gallery that houses the organ might not be able to support much increase in weight loading.

It has come as no surprise to learn that the name of Ian Tracey has been removed from the APOA list of Patrons.

We would suggest you now explore the web site in the following order. First “Brief History 1990 to date” then “Correspondence” and then “Press Coverage.”

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Welcome to this web site, which tries to give a balanced view of the history leading up to the present situation, pertaining to this organ. You will find only facts that are backed up by documents on this web site. You will find that a number of these documents have been published in full and can be seen and read for yourself. More can be supplied by request. We have literally hundreds of documents which go back over many, many years.


February 2010

We, the web masters, have made the decision to stop

up-dating the web site. We believe that the chances of this organ ever being restored is too remote to contemplate. However, we will leave this website up and running so as those contemplating lending support or even thinking of giving money to the project, can judge for themselves the likely outcome of their largess.